As I was thinking about what to write this inaugural blog article on, I began thinking about what exactly this blog should be about. As I sit at my desk and think, “why am I writing this,” there are two different courses I perceive, but I believe that both courses travel in the same direction and both seek the same end.

The first course is that of providing education for the public. I believe that a well-informed consumer is in the best interest of society and culture, and education is the best way to inform the public. I cannot make a person think but it is my desire to engage the minds of parents and athletes, or anyone who wants to learn, to provoke thought that leads to action in an attempt to hold our profession accountable to the seriously falling standards that exist today. It is my opinion that this decline in substance is due to a lack of accountability and regulation as it pertains to education and intellect in the private sector of sports and human performance. There are a lot of trainers and coaches out there that can spin a phrase, or destroy someone’s desire to live with a workout, but, in the end, they have no idea how to actually design a program that will make someone move better, feel better, or perform better and I feel it is my duty as a coach to inform and educate people, not just myself, so that they may make well-informed decisions.

The second direction in writing this blog is it will require me to continue to push the margins of my own education and thinking, but this too will lead to a more informed public and hopefully more well-informed decisions from a programming and coaching standpoint on my end and from a decision-making standpoint on the public’s end. This blog is me taking ideas and information I have, or ideas others have suggested, and putting it out there for people to read and hopefully engage their own thoughts, thoughts that will lead to action. This blog is essentially me thinking out loud.

That being said, I make a pledge to all those who will read this to make this a blog rooted and grounded in objective truth. I cannot promise that this blog will be void of my own personal opinions, but I will do my best to make sure that my opinions are grounded in rational thought, sound scientific principles, as well as personal experience. Solomon said in Ecclesiastes 1:9 that “What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun.” I quote this to say that this blog will probably not discuss topics that other men and woman much smarter than I have discussed. I stand on the shoulders of giants to echo what these great men have said for decades. It is my hope that I can present these topics from a different perspective than they have, as my perspective is different than theirs for it is mine.

It’s easy to sit on the sidelines and do nothing, watching uninformed, uneducated people write on topics they have no idea about. But I want to take a stand among those who are committed to upholding truth and reason. I hope this blog serves as a helpful resource for those seeking to learn and perhaps even challenge those who aren’t critically evaluating things that can have a significant impact on sports performance, health, and longevity. Now let’s get to work!