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Core Beliefs


when it comes to programming design, coaching and training so as to reduce the chance of injury and optimizing your training


insures that we are keeping a focus on proper technique the entire time so that you move well to increase the training effect of the program.


are based on a comprehensive evaluation and analysis so we optimize and personalize your training for the best results.


Who we are as coaches and athletes matter. We say here that “Character Drives Culture” and the culture we seek to build here is one of humility, authenticity, honest and integrity. Reputation may make you popular but good character is a foundation that cannot be shaken.


To constantly be learning is to constantly be growing. As coaches we should always be growing and learning so that our athletes can always be advancing. If better is possible, the good is not enough and that is the demand we have for us as coaches as well as for our athletes.


Anything built to last takes time. In this process, with all of our other core values in mind, we want to make sure that this process fun, safe and long lasting. Be patient. Work hard and embrace the journey. The sweet just isn’t as sweet without the sour. The journey may be long and hard but the pay off will be all that much more sweeter in the end.

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I'm proud to call Wake Barbell and Sports Academy my home for offseason training. Drew and the staff do a tremendous job of preparing me for the upcoming season by continually pushing me to make strides physically, mentally, and spiritually. It makes training that much better knowing I can trust in the knowledge of the strength coaches I am working with to further my career.

Hunter Smith

Minor League Baseball Player, Boston Red Sox

Since starting at Wake Barbell and Sports Academy I have seen huge improvements in my development as an athlete. The gym has a great environment and community as well as phenomenal trainers. They have helped take me to a whole other level and are preparing me for my future as a college soccer player.

Claire Griffiths

Collegiate Soccer Player

Training at Wake Barbell and Sports Academy has made me such a better person as well as me getting better not only as a soccer player but as an athlete. Everyone from the coaches to the other athletes are all amazing and supportive. Wake Barbell and Sports Academy has prepared me well to play Division 1 soccer in the future at VCU!

Lauren Griffiths

Collegiate Soccer Player

I came to Wake Barbell just over a year ago with a desire to become a better weightlifter. Whether you are a beginner, or a seasoned athlete, you will find the atmosphere at Wake Barbell inviting and you will soon call the people that you are working out with your friends. I initially came to Wake Barbell to become a better weightlifter, now I go because it is my home.

Edward Yuhas


While Drew has been my coach, I have learned so much about Olympic weight lifting and conditioning. I really enjoy this sport and under his programming and excellent coaching, I have gotten physically and mentally stronger. I have formed many close relationships at Wake Barbell and it is a place of safety, community, and self-confidence.

Arianna Dinglasan


When we first met with Drew, we asked him about how would could help our son improve his performance in soccer. That same day, Drew performed an initial assessment of our son and explained that the issues we were noticing were stemming from one side of his body being more dominant than the other. Our son looks forward to going to his sessions and looks up to Drew as a positive role model and mentor.

Ilene Eisenrod

Mom of Soccer Player

You can work hard and get fit around great people just about anywhere. But finding a gym and coach that have the depth of knowledge and experience to put out quality programming day after day, teach proper movement, and offer nonstop coaching isn't nearly as common. These are the qualities that define Wake Barbell.

Taylor Tsantles

Wake Barbell is a community dedicated to the development and propagation of resilience and excellence in life and sport.

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